One platform to rule them all

Between Exchange is an independent advertising platform that gives the opportunity for brands and agencies to plan, buy, measure and optimize their media programmatic buying.

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Open Auction
Use all the preferences of RTB bidding and second-price auctions for your business. Show your ads to right users at right place and right time.
Private Auction
You can use your favorite DSP or choose and buy the advertising inventory you need from the specific platform at a fixed price using the deal ID.
Media Buying
If you don’t have a bidder, you can buy the advertising inventory yourself with our easy-in-use self-service. Your audience is already waiting for you on hundreds platforms all over the world.

Every screen and format
on one platform

We will help you to rich your audience wherever they are on any gadget with Internet access. Desktop, mobile, video – all formats are available on Between Exchange.

Brand Safety

We pay a lot of attention to the fraud prevention and proactively search out spam traffic. We use improved bot scanner to protect our customers' brands as well as our own.


Our technologies are developing every day. You can optimize your campaigns by CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI and work with all the main data providers. Data is the blood of RTB-system. We understand it and help our clients to make decisions based on numbers.

For publishers

Between SSP
To get started, complete a simple registration (1 min.), add the site information to your account (5 min.) And put the necessary code in the Ad unit. Advertising will appear on the pages of your site in 30 minutes